Gerda is a director in the property department at Neumann van Rooyen and together with partner, André Styger, heads up the bonds, transfer and specialised commercial division in the firm. She approaches all transactions with focus and intent while including her own personal touch by building meaningful relationships with her clients. Gerda is also intimately involved with the management of Neumann van Rooyen through involvement in the executive committee and marketing committee of the firm.

Gerda was inspired to build a career in property law as a result of her love for people and being part of these great milestones in their lives. For Gerda, understanding the real rights afforded by property ownership is central to identifying problems and offering solutions to clients, and irrespective of the size of the transaction, these issues must first and foremost be understood.

For Gerda, quality of service, a strong work ethic and her reputation, are what matters most. Working closely with colleagues in various departments, Gerda is able to uphold high standards of service and provide exceptional solutions to her clients, making her a much sought-after specialist in the property sector.

Gerda loves spending time with local estate agents and originators and adding value to their businesses by training them on the newest developments in the property industry. In addition to property, Gerda also specialises in non-profit organisations and the corporate governance involved therein. Her love for the community forms a central point in this part of her practice. In her spare time, Gerda enjoys family time and being involved in her community.