Our staff are vitally important to us as a firm. They are the centre of the customer service we offer to clients and this drives us to make sure that we are, and remain, the employer of choice for our staff.

Neumann van Rooyen also values a robust work ethic, merit initiative and loyalty to the firm and colleagues. In return, we make sure that our staff work in the best conditions, are recognized for their performance, and have opportunities to develop.

Staff Testimonials

I enjoy working at Neumann van Rooyen inc. The firm really looks after its staff and I have never felt so appreciated in a firm. Thank you for the opportunity

A Swart - Collection Assistant,

I feel part of a family at work. I go home with a smile on my face every afternoon. It is nice being part of a firm that cares for the community and is always willing to help.

J Fourie - Conveyancing Assistant,

I started to work at Neumann van Rooyen inc. as a filing clerk and now I have my own computer and desk. I have a teacher who trains me in different kind of jobs and she is very kind and understanding.

G Xuma - Estate Department Assistant,

2021 - I am still happy with the firm. I am part of a team and a family where everybody is important and everyone is taken into consideration. I enjoy my work in the Collections Department.

Annelize Swart, Secretary Collections
Neumann van Rooyen Attorneys

Two outstanding aspects of Neumann van Rooyen as a workplace, is the warm, family bond and mutual respect shared among staff members and the diversity that is being embraced by the firm in general.

Tumi Mokobe, Attorney
Neumann van Rooyen Attorneys

It is great to be in a challenging environment with a firm who acknowledges and appreciates hard work - I love the NvR family!

Adel Burger, Secretary Litigation
Neumann van Rooyen Attorneys

One of the best teams that I have ever had the privilege of being a part of. Super Management - it flows through to the staff! Thank you for being a great Company to work for!

Rosa Nel, Marketing Administrator
Neumann van Rooyen Attorneys

Being an employee of Neumann van Rooyen is not "just a job". Throughout the office, the warm, fuzzy (socially distanced ), close knit family feeling, overwhelms the atmosphere, which I am sure our clients also experience. Each and every one of our diverse, experienced and innovative staff members, strive to help and support each and every person with whom their daily path crosses. I am thankful for being a part of the team.

Jolani Fourie, Secretary, Conveyancing

U love working for Neumann van Rooyen, because they are people's people - they will stand by you during your worst and applaud with you when you triumph!

Adri Strydom, Receptionist

I enjoy working for the firm because I work in a friendly and comfortable environment, which is also goal orientated. I love the fact that I am given the opportunity to grow as an individual and to learn different things under one umbrella.

Candice Klein, Secretary Collections
Neumann van Rooyen Attorneys

We at Neumann van Rooyen are a family and when family get together, it is always great!

Chanre Barnes, Attorney
Neumann van Rooyen Attorneys