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Divorced, but wanting to buy and sell together
04 February 2019  | Gerda Janse van Rensburg

My husband and I got divorced during 2006 and are on very good terms.  We have decided to start a property  portfolio together and buy and sell property together.  Is this possible as we are officially divorced?


You and your ex-husband will definitely be able to purchase property together, and your divorce will not have an influence on your property portfolio.

You will be seen as two individuals purchasing properties and will be described as such in the transfer documentation.

However, the properties that you purchased during your marriage will have to be dealt with in terms of your Deed of Settlement that you signed during your divorce.  

If the two of you are serious about your property portfolio and growing it drastically, it is advisable to see a financial planner on the different entities that are available for you to use as the property owners, i.e  Trusts, Companies etc.  

Please ensure that you see a qualified and registered financial planner in this regard.

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