24 November 2021 18

In the times we are in we are all looking for a bargain.  I myself love a bargain and if it is good quality and on sale AND I need the item then I will consider to attempt to purchase it.

A lot of these marketing projects are arranged for specific time periods and the main purpose is to make you want to buy.  In most instances what I have experienced, is that people are frustrated with the purchase they made for the following reasons:

They did not really need the item and is now collecting dust;

  1. No proper research was done over a time period as to what the actual price of the items are and if this price offered during this “special” is really sold on a big discount.
  2. People still enter into credit agreements to purchase goods during the special, which in the long run do not have the effect of a special with all the interest and costs added.
  3. Cash that was saved for schooling or other necessary expenses are utilized for buying a bargain.

Please make sure that before you purchase an item during this time, it is not because of the big hype or marketing done, that tempts you into buying.

Remember after Black Friday comes Christmas.  I have seen people spending money they had for Christmas gifts or holidays planned on Black Friday deals. This actually resulted in them having to cancel holidays and not having funds available to buy the things that were on that Christmas list the whole year.

We all feel that we had to tighten the belts over the last 2 years and may have a feeling of wanting to splurge as we deserve something nice AND it is on special. 

True story : Friends were on the lookout for a lounge suite for a few months.  They saw the normal price at all furniture stores ranging from R12 000-00 to R13 000-00 over a few months.  They waited for Black Friday in 2019 to possibly purchase this lounge suite they had their eye on during the Black Friday specials.  Arriving at a local furniture shop they saw the lounge suite and were so excited as they also noticed the banner that indicated this lounge suite was on the list for Black Friday specials.

To their surprise the banner also indicated the price as : Was R20 000.00,  NOW only R15 000.00!

You can imagine their huge disappointment.  But was it not for the thought through process of monitoring deals and prices over a time period they would have thought it to be a BIG SAVE and would have purchased the lounge suite.  Instead they waited a few weeks and returned to the shop only to find the lounge suite at the normal price of R12 000.00.  THEN they bought it with money they specifically saved for this purpose.

Don’t be caught with your pants on your knees in the new year even after splurging on Christmas gifts you cannot afford and only to hope that your family will appreciate and value your gifts.  The stress it causes afterwards by either having to pay that credit card or savings account that is empty due to rushing into purchases can have a negative result on yourself, your health and your family and friend relationships. 

Let’s plan, think before we buy, ask around and goodness we have GOOGLE… use it please to compare prices.  The start of 2022 is just around the corner… Let’s start it with a bang by being responsible and not by being stressed and tired due to unnecessary debt.

We wish you all a blessed Summer holiday time with family and friends… and brace yourself for those beautiful Christmas and Back to School banners with special prices advertised all over.