“What happens behind closed doors.”

01 December 2021 ,  Charné Barnes 59

In most cases “what happens behind closed doors” never see’s the light. Domestic violence also called intimate partner violence is a pattern of one person trying to dominate or control another person and Domestic violence is always a repetitive process of abuse.

Some may wonder what would qualify as abuse and most think that abuse is only physical, however abuse may come in the form of sexual, emotional, and economic abuse.

There is almost always a clear indication or a reason as to why one person abuses another. This may be, because the one person feels that he is superior to another/partner or because, one is born into a certain gender which he thinks make him superior to his partner, an imbalance of power and control. Alcohol also plays a role when speaking about topics such as abuse. The perpetrator may be misusing alcohol or drugs and this could cause him to react in a harmful way. The above are only some of the aspects that cause people to react in a harmful way and the effects of domestic violence on the victims are horrific.

Victims of sexual domestic violence are prone to HIV and STD’s when forced to a sexual act. This may cause severe mental health issues which may lead to depression or even in worse cases to suicide. Most physically abused victims do not get the proper health care that they need, as they are scared to report the abuse. As a result of the abuse some victims lose their employment due to the trauma they suffer.

There are options available to the victim, such as applying for a protection order. This protection order, issued by the court, will order the abuser to immediately stop the abuse. It will also order the abuser from instructing someone else to perform these acts. An interim protection order can also be issued at any time of the day or night.

In the event that the abuser disobeys the protection order, it is important to inform the police and give a statement. You will have to then provide the police with the warrant of arrest which was issued to you, on the date of the application, for the protection order. Based on the protection order and the warrant of arrest, the abuser will be given a notice to appear in court for the contravention of the protection order.

In some cases it may be that the victim is in immediate danger and in such instances the police may arrest the abuser immediately.

Anyone can be a victim of domestic violence. No gender or race is spared. If any person find themselves in this situation, it is every important to seek immediate help.