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To Plead Guilty or not to Plead Guilty?
25 November 2019  | Puleng Valentine Tladi | Views: 326


In the Magistrates' Court for the district of Hennemann, held at Hennemann, in the matter between the state and my client, in that on or about 10 November 2019 at or near the District of Hennemann , the latter unlawfully and intentionally assaulted his girlfriend by continually hitting her on the left eye with fists. 

My legal persona, convinced me to convince the complainant to withdraw the charges against my client and build a reputation for myself, However; my feminist persona used the emotional blackmail on me, Am I next? … and convinced me to put myself in the shoes of the complainant, who was beaten up by a man she loved. This could have been me in this situation.  However, I am reminded that I have a duty towards my client and that is to provide him with excellent service  and on one hand, I do not want to create the impression that I condone any form of abuse.  

As per my instructions , my client will enter into a plea of not guilty, the burden will be on the state to prove that my client is guilty beyond reasonable doubt, and my client's fate will be revealed on judgement day. 

In this matter, the accused and the complainant will be forced to make a decision, for the complainant it will be to find the courage to eventually leave the relationship and continue with the case or  find it in her heart to forgive the accused and withdraw the charges ; and for the accused it will be to find the courage to admit that he has wronged the complainant and to seek professional help, as soon as possible.