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We rise by lifting others
12 July 2021  | Marié Combrink | Views: 46



This phrase has been a part of my life since a very young age.  This is one of the very precious life lessons I was taught by my parents.

Sometimes I also catch myself asking myself why….. why do I still believe in this and why do I teach it to my daughter.  We try to live it every day in our personal lives and at work and I am proud to say that people I surrounded myself, especially our team at NVR live this every day.  I see it and experience it.

I say proud because we live in a world of me, myself and I. 

People only doing things because it will benefit them in some way or another and mostly people do good to others hoping that their good deeds “payoff”.  Either they hope it will result in money coming into their life one way or another or some-one will owe them.

This should not be the reason why we live to uplift others, but it can be a result. It can give our life meaning and purpose or that is what I experience.  This is where my real joy comes from.  It is a feeling that you have to experience yourself and in more instances than I can count I must admit the support or positive comments came just at the right time in my life. 

Remember you do not have to  have a title as a “leader” to uplift others or only because you have a responsibility.  You can act as a leader by uplifting others in all and any relationships you have by always trying to inspire people, helping them believe in themselves and  to become the best version of themselves by experiencing love, kindness and service to others.

Service to others immediately gives you value and an answer to the question…. Why do I get up in the morning?

I hope and trust that even in these times where we are “limited” with being able to have contact in with each other we will still find ways, doesn’t matter how small to uplift each other and if this is part of your DNA that you will be blessed in abundance with a positive mindset and that it will support you to be more wealthy if all areas of you life.