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Reminders to focus on safety and surroundings.
07 May 2021  | Marié Combrink | Views: 80
We are all so focused on health that we sometimes forget or do not focus on our surroundings for theft threats.

After a recent article I read I realized we can all do with a few reminders regarding our surroundings and to even make our children aware as it seems that the predators noticed that we do not properly access our surroundings and misuse the situation, which now results to an increase in theft on the streets of unaware people.  The information was confirmed by the local police so please take note and be aware and careful.  Especially when walking in the local shopping centers or exiting or entering your vehicle.

Some positive and productive advice were the following:

  1. ALWAYS be aware of your surroundings and be on the lookout for suspicious actions of other people.  Attempt not to walk by yourself and rather choose to walk in areas used regularly.
  2. If you walk in the mall, make sure to know where your belongs are, close all hand bangs and rather do not walk while talking on your phone, as there were some instances where cell phones were stolen while the person was talking or texting and was not focusing on the surroundings.
  3. If there is some-one or something that is attempting to distract you or asking random questions rather avoid the situation and keep walking.
  4. When you make a purchase be careful of not "showing" that you have cash with you especially when you have a large amount of cash with you.
  5. Be aware of where you park your vehicle and what is in the parking next to your vehicle.
Please take care and keep your eyes and ears open... I know we all feel exhausted by attempting to stay healthy and focused on a virus we cannot even see.. BUT these are things we can make each other aware of and can actually assist in minimizing the effect.

Stay safe...