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22 April 2021  | Allan Lesesa | Views: 325

Learning and growing as an individual is arguably one of the best virtues in life, but although great, the journey is not really always pleasant or nurturing to one’s feelings. Possibly, this is as a result of our flawed view of ourselves, capabilities and how great we are, and when our imperfection shortfalls confront us, that reality is not pleasant.

I recently wrote an article on the topic of reproductive rights. My attempt was to transcend the contentious balancing of mothers and fathers rights with regard to who has a say when a child is conceived, to what extent and who is simply side lined. I also discussed a few constitutional rights to balance the interests.

Recognizing that my academic writing credentials are not really that grand yet, I sent the article to a few academics, including my former Constitutional law lecture. What I found funny and educational is how he dissected the article and really, reduced it to nothing 
😂. In his own words, I quote: "while you surface well the sacrifice of the father’s rights, you offer no credible way to resolve the conflict or balance the tension. This in my view, would have been your most needed, relevant, useful and powerful contribution."
(If you are not emotional or biased and would like to read the article or provide feedback, feel free to let me know

Ouch, right? I know. His feedback, although quoted in part, was more than anything, educational and quite useful. Very much appreciated. It really made me realize the need and appreciate the "desiderata" of learning and mastering one’s craft.

If that was not enough, I also recently had a Con-Arbitration at a local CCMA, the hearing took almost the whole day, things where heated up, to say the least. But a good escapade for a young legal practitioner like myself. What stuck with me was the Commissioners comments after we argued our closing statements, he said, in his Award (judgement) we should not just expect a plain judgement but when he writes, he writes "to educate". Oh well, I am not sure who he was subbing, but if it was me, well: I say, bring it on Mr. Commissioner, after all, we are here to learn and better ourselves.

In conclusion, all these experiences made me pounder on these inspired thoughts recorded in JOB 6:24:  "
Instruct me, and I will be silent; Help me to understand my mistake."

Like a big boy, we keep learning and moving.