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The first wave of this pandemic must be the season of pruning.
06 January 2021  | Puleng Valentine Tladi | Views: 236

I came across the verse that says: "I am the true vine and my FATHER is my GARDNER. He cuts off every branch in me that bears no fruit, while every branch that does bear fruit he prunes so that it will be even more fruitful( John 15: 1-2)".

To my beloved South Africans, this is one of the verses that has been staying rent free in my heart and has given me hope in the midst of this pandemic especially with the uncertainty around this corona virus outbreak.  

I guess when we reached level 1 of this corona virus outbreak, everyone was already tired, a lot of people were not wearing their masks properly, the social distancing restrictions were not adhered  to, and  sanitizing was no longer a priority. I don't think we noticed at all, I just think that we were all tired. 

I guess it was the excitement of things going back to normal, that made us forget about the seriousness of this virus. I mean the number of new cases were rising, which forced our honorable president to send us back to level 3 until 15 January 2021, if not extended. 

I personally consider this season to be a season of pruning because in the midst of this pandemic, I am reminded to stay humble and appreciate everything I have.  I mean this outbreak changed the way I look at things. I know that I am speaking for myself when I say that this pandemic has brought  death to old habits such as procrastination, refusing to move with the times, going with the flow, lack of direction,  being narrow minded, just to name a few. While for  some people this was the time for them to discover their dreams, purpose and goals , while others became independent by perusing their dreams and passion. 

Just like in the pruning season so many things need to be cut off in order for us to grow, we need to let go of dead wood, old habits and toxic traits that prevent us from growing. 

Food for thought: 

Let us take this moment to look within ourselves and have honest conversations with ourselves about cutting off the dead wood, irrespective of how painful and uncomfortable it is. 

Myy wish for you for you all is to not just live for the sake of living but to live with a purpose.