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A message from us to you
18 December 2020  | Chanré Wes | Views: 155

One event attended by approximately 1000 young adults, can affect 300 families … This is a recurring thought I have been having since the President’s speech on 15 December 2020. It is easy to disregard the amplitude of that if you had not been affected by Covid-19 like my family and I have.

To date hereof my family lost four of our dearest souls to this pandemic. It is all still so unreal, and we are still mourning, learning how to go on without them here. It is not as if they all had been sick for an exceptionally long time and you could kind of anticipate that it is their “time”, no, it was unexpected and, in some cases, extremely fast. Most of us, myself in particular, are still saddened by the fact that I could not even say my last goodbyes to any of them.  Its just so unfair…

I know most, if not all of you, are complaining about how unfair and unjust or whatever you may call it, the bans imposed by the President are. But I want to urge you to stop and think for a while, think about your family, your friends, and other loved ones. Now how would you feel to lose them all because of your negligence and “festive-vibe”-urges.


Stay at home, enjoy the festive season with your close friends and family, so you can, like the President advised, greet 2021 with joy instead of sorrow.  Don’t you be the reason why your family have to say goodbye to one of you.  

From me and mine, we would like to wish you all a joyous festive season, with lots of love, laughter, and peace. May you have a blessed Christmas and a prosperous 2021.