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But what if I can't afford to pay school fees for my children?
10 January 2020  | Chanré Wes | Views: 161

In the awe of the astounding Matric results that was released this week, one is often left with the question “will I be able to see my child all the way to Grade 12?”.

South African Education has become very expensive to say the least, from the uniform all the way to the pencil-sharpener, it all costs money. What pains me most is the fact that not all of us can afford to give our children the education we feel they deserve.

In an article I wrote on 3 June 2019, But What If I can’t Afford School Fees, I investigated what you as a parent can do to be exempted from paying school fees when you really can’t afford it. I found that the Department of Education created opportunities for parents to apply to be exempted from paying school fees. Here are the steps again of what you can do to be exempted from paying school fees:

  • Obtain the necessary documents from the administration office of the school your children are attending. Ensure that you complete the forms in full and that all your information is on that form.
  • Attach all the relevant as requested on the form and submit it to the school. It is always wise to make copies of the forms for your own record as proof should you need it in future.
  • Within 7 days of receipt of your application, the school's governing body must provide you with a written response which includes the reasons for their decision taken.
  • If you are not satisfied with the outcome, you may appeal to the Head of Department against the decision of the school within 30 days of receiving their decision.

Thus, if you as a parent are struggling to pay the school fees you may apply to be exempted from paying it.


There is absolutely no reason that your children’s education should be a financial burden to you, the Department of Education created this mechanism to help you, so use it to your full disposal.


Read the article for more information: https://www.nvrlaw.co.za/NewsResources/NewsArticle.aspx?ArticleID=2869


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