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The repercussions of accusing someone of using a snake for ritual purposes.
14 December 2020  | Puleng Valentine Tladi | Views: 293


There has been a video trending, about the culture of the “Ama Blessers” and the snake used for ritual purposes.

All of this happened right after the death of Ginimbi, a Zimbabwe socialite, who died in a horrific car accident. The Multi-Millionaire was accused of being part of cult that uses snakes for ritual purposes, to gain fortune.

This video contained contents that allegedly exposed the so-called “Ama Blessers” that are filthy rich, who are allegedly using snakes to sacrifice human blood. Apparently, the snake requires a person to sacrifice one of their own or it demands young blood. It is believed that if you do not do as is required from you, you will die a horrific death.

I do not know how true this is, however, what I do know is that witchcraft is real.

I urge people to not share these types of videos, or even think of tagging someone or even think of making videos containing such contents.

I know that some of these videos are made for awareness, or entertainment purposes, however they do more harm than good. This goes as far as people accusing other people of witchcraft and people go as far as mentioning their names.

Kindly take note that if you accuse someone or even tag someone in a post or share such videos containing these contents, the person whom you are directing that to, is allowed to open a crimen injuria case against you or better yet institute a civil action against you for defamation of character.

The repercussions of the above actions are as follows:

  1. If you are found guilty, you will have a criminal record hanging over your head.
  2. if the person that instituted the main action is successful, A civil claim will be hanging over your head, as a person’s good name, integrity, and dignity will be tarnished. Furthermore, the person may suffer financial loss and you will pay for the damage that you caused such person.