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A Devils Advocate's View on Woman Trafficking and Gender Based Violence
13 October 2020  | Allan Lesesa | Views: 567

I have always wanted to be an advocate, I think I still do and now, I am going to play a devils advocate.

Women trafficking and gender based violence, particularly against women has recently been perceived as a rising scourge and has merited a deserved contempt. Nothing can ever justify the committal of atrocious crimes against our mothers, sisters and daughters.

The underlying causes and drives of actual violence against women range through a wide spectrum. Probably at the core are the social norms, expectations and appropriate behaviors towards these crimes.

It has been conceded that social relationships breed success for these crimes. I however noted many false reports on missing women, this trend is especially vivid on huge social media platforms.

Concerned family members would notice that their daughter has since left home on, say Friday and it is now Tuesday and her whereabouts are unknown. As a result, they will post on one or all of the social media platforms a "missing person" only to later find out that , this so-called "missing person" suspected to have been trafficked or abducted,  
actually and intentionally went to their boyfriend, or side not wanting family members to know. Shortly before the country lock down, many women left their homes without their families knowledge and went to "be my quarantine" at their lovers homes without informing their families about their actual adventures, and to the families, their daughters were thought to be "missing"..

Well, people do things and it is their right, and maybe its fine, but in such scenarios, have you ever thought about the legal, emotional and social consequences about such behavior?

*To say the least, since such crimes are under the spotlight, innocent people may be unduly put under the radar as number one suspects in criminal investigations,
*Disgruntled family members are left to their imaginations thinking the worst case scenarios about their supposedly "missing daughter" while the said "missing person" is enjoying a mini honey moon biting on chocolate covered strawberries..
*and what is mostly upsetting is that, when it is later established that the person was not really missing but was busy with romantic adventures, the general public that was concerned and tried assisting, tend to be discouraged to offer any  sort of assistance the next time around when a "missing person" post comes around, this actually negates and diverts attention from the actual victims of the crimes.
Take nothing away from the fact that there are actually real victims of this crimes, but perhaps we will also do well to call out the immature selfish and self defeating conduct that negates the fight against the pandemic facing our sisters, daughters and others?

Or Each to His Own? Remember, I am only a devils😈 advocate in this case, I can change sides and be yours if you call for it😉