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"Mother in law"
21 June 2019  | Marié Combrink | Views: 75
I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself on a more personal level.

Being a mom and attorney can be challenging and sometimes a balancing act. I hope that as working moms and colleagues we can uplift each other and remind ourselves not to feel guilty, but rather proud and be sure that our children have someone to be proud of by doing what we do in the manner we do our jobs.

I am proud to be a part of Neumann van Rooyen attorneys where we work well together as a team in providing professional legal services in an ethical and innovative manner to our clients and embracing our differences. We are involved in the community and especially in schools where I thing it is important to make a difference and show our youth that working hard towards being a proud contributor towards our community and local businesses is a challenge but so rewarding.

If we can challenge ourselves on a daily basis to uphold our values in our work environment, community and families, our children will learn through example and that I believe is the best way.

We as the collection department in Neumann van Rooyen Inc. remind ourselves of this every day as most of us are all proud working moms / women that take pride what God has blessed us with....

Family who supports us, work where we can make a positive contribution, health and a positive hard working team.

I would like to share my professional experiences and views in future posts on the latest legal developments and information that assist myself to better balance work and family life with you, so please keep an eye on my blog!