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06 March 2020  | Puleng Valentine Tladi | Views: 414
It has been alleged that a First Corona virus case was confirmed in South Africa, when a 38 year old man from Kwa-Zulu Natal tested positive for COVID 19. This was brought to our attention when the 38 year old, who recently came back home from Italy, showed symptoms of corona virus. 

 I couldn't help but laugh when I read about this new virus on social media, with captions such as " I never thought our death would also be made in China"; "Now poor people who never travelled anywhere will die because of travelling rich people. 

South Africans are having a great time making speculations about this new virus using memes, However come Winter and a simple cough will have cases of people applying for sick leave, misdiagnosis  and people going in and out of the emergency rooms. 

This made me wonder when a medical misdiagnosis caused you harm, then it means that there could be a claim for medical malpractice, this however will depend on a whole  lot of factors such as : the merit of the case, whether or not a right procedure was followed in diagnosing someone of corona virus , the harm caused to the patient as a result of the misdiagnosis and any other factor which the court my take into consideration. 

I am no medical expert and I will not tell people to not panic and that we have it all under control, like the Deputy Minister of Health (Iran) and in the words of  Trevor Noah " this virus is not only super contagious , it has sixth sense of humour",   However one thing is for sure, this will soon fade and we will be hearing about another virus that is trying to be famous overnight.