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I was raised to treat a general worker with the same respect as the Judge!
14 April 2021  | Puleng Valentine Tladi | Views: 140
The best piece of advice I ever received and which I am willing to pass on to others was from our Tea lady who said to me "Puleng,  "mamello e tsoala katlheo", which means patience is a  virtue... 

At that time I was still a candidate attorney with lack of confidence and I was getting frustrated with myself, and I will never forget this, she walked into my office , greeted me and with a smile she said "mamello e tsoala katleho"

I still remember when I passed my admission board exams, I went to her and told her that I have passed my board exams and that I am going to be admitted as an attorney, Oh wow, I will never forget this, she said to me, what did I teach you in this past two years, and with tears rolling down my cheeks,  I said that patience is a virtue". I will forever cherish her because her words are forever engraved in my heart. 

I must say that the thing I miss most about being a candidate attorney is maintaining the relationships with the security guards , court interpreters , the clerks, the tea ladies at Court, the messengers etc. 

There is so much wisdom that one gains and everything I have learned in this career , 80 % comes from the people I have mentioned. 

If I get too proud, they sure know how to put me in my place and I will forever be grateful to them because from day one they have always treated me with the same amount of respect as  my senior colleagues.