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Buying or Selling Property?
01 October 2020  | Charné Barnes | Views: 477
We have been receiving a lot of enquires about what documentation you need when Buying or Selling your property. 

We as a firm are committed to upholding the laws  of our Country, and in our country we are required to be FICA compliant. This means that we have to obtain all the documents from our clients in order to assist them in the transfer process. 

We require the following documents from both the Seller and the Purchaser: 
- Identity Documents :both Sellers and Purchasers
- Proof of address for both Seller and Purchaser 
- Income Tax numbers for both Sellers and Purchaser 
- Marriage Certificate, and if married our of Community of Property we will require the registered ante-nuptial contract.

This is just in short wat we will require when we are assisting you with the transfer of your property. If any of this information is unclear kindly make an appointment with our firm to assist you.