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What do you want.... when you give instruction to an attorney?
16 September 2020  | Marié Combrink | Views: 277


We sometimes or most of the times experience that a lot of clients hand us instructions to proceed with a matter knowingly that the outcome will or cannot be in their favour.

OR …. and ……. this is the place where our logical thinking caps should be put on and strapped on very good.

The chances are that the matter is won and money owed is paid or divorce is settled and finalised in court, BUT the emotions including anger and frustration are still there.  This part was not settled and the person that caused the harm and stress did not apologise or confirmed that their actions caused a lot of emotional harm to you or others.  Unfortunately this is not something that we are able to get in most matters – a proper excuse or apology.

Therefor at the end of some matters a client may feel that the satisfaction is not there due to something that is missing.  Some people only give instructions due to the fact that they want revenge.  This according to my own personal view should not be a determining factor of why and how a matter is attended to, as most of the times revenge is not the best motivation and the feeling of frustration and hurt is still there.

Therefor with the first consultation always have an open an honest conversation with your attorney and understand the process and costs before you and the attorney leave the running blocks.