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05 October 2020  | Crystelle Steyn | Views: 258

Facebook has become such a part of our daily routine that it became a ritual to check up on our daily “news feed” while sipping our first morning coffee and then “refresh” our feed every few minutes thereafter to see if we did not miss anything, but in fact we are just checking to see if we missed something important in someone else’s lives.

The thing that bothers me is that I can sadly say that almost every time I go on Facebook there is someone venting about their personal lives and sharing a negative post about someone else for thousands of “friends” to see. Most of these posts are usually so personal which is either name shaming a person or trying to expose a person to the public by sharing personal photos, personal messages, vehicle registration numbers etc. on Facebook without thinking about the consequences thereof.

What happened to the rule of “if you can’t say something nice about someone to rather be quiet”?

Venting on Facebook about someone and exposing their name and personal details can get you in serious trouble. You can get sued and also pay hefty legal fees for defaming a person’s name and will also get your “friends” on Facebook who liked, commented or shared your post in the same trouble too. You and your "friends" can also be criminally charged for more serious allegations being made and shared on Facebook.

Yes, it’s hard going through issues like a divorce, breakup, being cheated on etc. and sometimes you just want to get back at someone and share their personal stuff on Facebook to make yourself feel better, but by doing so it might make things worse.

If you do have personal issues with someone, rather sort it out in private or seek legal assistance, but please think twice before airing you dirty laundry on Facebook!