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Meet Your Brother In Law
20 January 2020  | Allan Lesesa | Views: 824

For many of us, meeting in laws is not so desirable for a number of reasons! But trust me, meeting this in law, will definitely please you!

One of the daunting things about meting In Laws is owing to the euphoria and nervousness that is involved, and that is understandable. Normally, what helps given that circumstance is to at least ensure that you know  a bit about them, and by a bit, of course you know I mean a lot!

So here we go, get to know me: Who am I, where am I from, what am I about and why should you come back for more.

An interesting hindsight is this - You and Me both have a common ground: we both relate and are about the 'Law'.

Besides the fact that I am your in Law, My Name is Kulani, born and bred in the alluring Goldfields of Welkom.

Apart from my personal stance that the law compliments my personality, like many of you, I was attracted to the legal field by the urge to abate the injustices that we are constantly faced with. As a result, I went to study at the University of Free State (UFS), and yes, it goes without saying that I am a Kovsie! and "only a Kovsie knows the feeling".

I am back in the goldfields from the City of Roses as a more progressive person, a candidate attorney at NvR attorneys.

Now that we sort of know each other, here is why you and I should be looking forward to our newly established relationship:

I will as of now be writing about interesting and informative legal topics that you definitely do not want to miss for anything, and this is teamwork, so let us interact. I am eager and looking forward to hearing from you, reading your comments, suggestions and any input I can source from you.

As long as In Law  we believe, we are definitely in this together!

Your Brother In Law