Legal life hacks - The final chapter

22 November 2021 21

In the last installment of my legal life hacks discussion, I want to focus on legal tips for persons starting up that business you have always dreamed of.


  1. Always comply with Human relationship laws. Do you know when to pay UIF? Is the basics in place? Keep you staff matters legal


  2. Draft contracts for your legal matters. It may sound noble to do business on a handshake, but it is simply not practical. Ensure that legal relationships are properly set up in writing and clear for everyone to understand.


  3. When starting up you business with a partner, make sure that you have a partnership (or other) agreement. We find often that partners are not on the same page at the onset of the business which leads to hardship later on.


  4. Employment agreements with staff is a big MUST have. Ensure that staff sign confidentiality agreements and are properly trained in the meaning thereof


  5. Do that background check on staff. Phone references and confirm that the person does not have a criminal record.


  6. When you need to have disciplinary discussions with staff, ensure that the correct process is followed to avoid CCMA procedures


  7. Keep records of everything!


  8. Surround yourself with a professional team of advisors. You will need an auditor an lawyer somewhere along the line. Choose wisely.