Unlock the Courts backlog– Mediate and Arbitrate: ask us how

02 June 2020 ,  Allan Lesesa 148

Disputes! It is as if bulls have literally locked horns, under accustomed circumstances, we would have just easily opted to go ‘unlock them in court, but now, due to the global pandemic of Coronavirus and the country lockdown, many people with differences are unable to access the courts given that their matters are not “urgent”. The lockdown is such an inconvenience.

But we acknowledge that life must go on, and as such we understand that you cannot afford to wait with unresolved disputes until who knows when?

Fortunately, we at NvR Attorneys are here to help you resolve disputes from the comfort of your home so that even during the lockdown, your life can go on…

We thus provide and invite you to use our Alternative Dispute Resolution methods at very cost effective rates and in a very creative and effective manner.

Resolve your disputes with us by using


Where we as experienced mediators, take the responsibility to facilitate the resolution of any dispute you may have, we in effect act as go-between during the dispute resolution.


We have smart and thoughtful arbitrators who can act as independent and impartial third party– your very own private judge as it were. During this private process, the arbitrator will hear the dispute and the different versions thereto, and will then adequately apply the relevant law and decide the dispute by making an award, thereby effectively unlocking the horns.

We assure you that our methods of solving disputes are designed to be non-confrontational, flexible and inexpensive.

So, as the lockdown persists, you do not know when you will be able to access the courts again– but you do know that call on us any time to help you resolve your disputes.

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